Youth Accountability Team

YAT Team
Mission Statement

To provide a collaborative and integrated multi-agency approach to rapid and effective intervention with at-risk youth and less serious juvenile offenders by providing necessary services to youth and their families.


After the passage of the Schiff-Cardenas Crime Prevention Act of 2000, the Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act (JJCPA) program was established to provide a stable funding source for local juvenile justice programs aimed at curbing crime and delinquency among at-risk youth. In Riverside County, Youth Accountability Teams (YAT) were established to combat juvenile crime and delinquency locally. The teams are located throughout the county and are a collaborative effort between the Probation Department, local law enforcement agencies, District Attorney’s Office, counseling agencies, and various school districts in the County.

YAT members provide services to the youth and their parents. The youth receive supervision, accountability, school attendance and behavior monitoring, mentoring, and involvement in pro-social activities is encouraged. A wide variety of counseling services are available, including substance abuse, anger management, and individual treatment. The Parent Project ® parenting classes are offered for the parents to assist them in responding to difficult adolescent behavior.

The teams focus on misdemeanor offenders, and youth at-risk for delinquent behavior, ages 12-17 1/2, exhibiting two or more of the following:

  • Substance abuse
  • School discipline problems
  • Poor academics
  • Family conflict
  • Mental health issues
  • Gang association
  • Truancy
  • Defiance


  • Reduce delinquent incidents on campus
  • Reduce delinquent activity in the community
  • Reduce the number of juvenile petitions filed
  • Reduce the number of juveniles placed into custody
  • Reduce truancy

Referral Process

Referrals originate from parents, schools, law enforcement, and the community. Involvement in the program is completely voluntary on behalf of the youth and their family. Teams are located at numerous school and community sites countywide.

If you are the parent of a youth having difficulty in the areas described, or know of a youth in danger of entering the juvenile justice system, complete the referral form or contact the Youth Accountability Team at (951) 955-9400 and a member of YAT will contact the family.


Once a referral is received, the team will contact the family for an initial interview to determine if the youth is eligible for the program. If eligible, the youth will be placed on a short-term contract, specifically addressing their needs. This may include: intensive probation supervision; school and home visits; drug testing; referrals to community resources; community service; jail tour; and educational programming or activities. The youth will have the opportunity to work with various law enforcement professionals, positive role models, and mentors.

Of note, youth are ineligible to participate in this program if they are already involved in the juvenile justice system or on any form of Court ordered probation.

YAT Documents