Juvenile Symposium

2012 Symposium: “Collaboration Creates a Pathway to Success” was the theme for the 2012 Juvenile Delinquency Symposium. Participants learned of the various programs instituted by the Riverside County Probation Department in enhancing the lives of the youth in the community, and improving collaboration with community based organizations. Presenters provided information on treatment and the rehabilitative aspect of probation with the focus on collaboration.

2013 Symposium: “Breaking the Cycle” of Juvenile Delinquency was the theme for the 2013 Juvenile Delinquency Symposium. This year’s symposium focused on Evidence Based Practices with Dr. Edward Latessa, Professor from the University of Cincinnati, School of Criminal Justice as guest speaker. The well-received presentation focused on “what works and what doesn’t” in reducing recidivism with youthful offenders. Dr. Latessa shared the latest studies in the field of corrections in reducing recidivism, and best approaches with offenders. He stressed the importance of having well-trained staff and fidelity in order to be successful in reducing recidivism.