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Chief Deputy Probation Officer Stacy-Adams Metz

The Probation Department operates three juvenile halls (Riverside, Southwest, and Indio) and two residential treatment centers (Riverside Youthful Offender Program and Indio Youthful Offender Program). The detention facilities house youth pending court hearings or placement. The residential centers provide programs of treatment and supervision for youth ordered placed out of their home by the court. YOP Aftercare Deputy Probation Officers are also assigned to the institutions and help the youth transition from residential treatment back to the community and supervise them once released.

Daily Institutional Programs and Activities Include:

  • Education (eligible youth can prepare for and take the G.E.D. or graduate with a diploma).
  • Practice development of social skills, independent living skills, and self-discipline.
  • Recreational and exercise programs.
  • Religious services and counseling available.
  • Medical attention and mental health counseling as needed.
  • Programs with a specific focus (substance abuse, anger management, gang awareness, vocational training, parenting, etc.).