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Institutional Services

Chief Deputy Probation Officer Bryce Hulstrom

The Probation Department operates three juvenile detention facilities located in the Riverside, Southwest, and Coachella Valley regions, and one residential treatment facility, the Alan M. Crogan Youth and Treatment Education Center (AMC-YTEC) located in Riverside. The detention facilities primarily house youth pending court hearings or out of home placement. AMC-YTEC provides residential treatment programs and services to youth who are committed to this program by the court, re-entry case planning, and community supervision upon their release.

Daily Programs and Activities Include:

  • Education (eligible youth can prepare for and take High School Equivalency test or graduate with a diploma).
  • Continuing education for high school graduates.
  • Recreational and exercise programs.
  • Faith-based services and counseling.
  • Medical evaluations and treatment.
  • Behavioral health counseling.
  • Programs with a specific focus (i.e., substance use, anger management, gang awareness, vocational training, parenting, independent living skills, conflict resolution, health, etc.)