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Chief Deputy Probation Officer Natalie Rivera
Chief Deputy Probation Officer Joseph Doty

The Probation Department is responsible for the investigation and supervision of adult and juvenile offenders throughout Riverside County. Deputy Probation Officers provide state-mandated services to the Courts and clients in the form of regular supervision contacts, referrals to and oversight of participation in counseling and treatment, and in the production of court reports containing dispositional recommendations. This wide range of services is primarily focused on client rehabilitation, accountability, and community safety. To achieve these goals, probation officers work collaboratively with the Courts, mental health services, substance abuse programs, veterans’ services, and community-based organizations. In addition, probation officers work with state and local law enforcement through multi-agency task forces who specialize in gangs, narcotics, and sex crime enforcement and suppression. The department has also implemented juvenile delinquency prevention and intervention programs such as Youth Accountability Teams, Wraparound Services, Independent Living Skills, Youth Diversion Team and Home Supervision; to reduce further entry by youth into the criminal justice system.

Risk and needs assessments are completed to place clients under appropriate levels of supervision. Evidence-based caseloads consist of high, moderate, and low-risk supervision. As a result of the passage of the Public Safety Realignment in 2011 (AB 109), probation officers supervise two new classifications of clients: Post Release Community Supervision and Mandatory Supervision. These clients were either released from state prison onto probation supervision or were sentenced by the Court to a term of imprisonment in a local detention center with subsequent supervision by the probation department.